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Filling compound

novax Filling compound

The novax filling compound portfolio is complete and provides products for nearly all fields of application. Fibre-, furface-, softcut- and putty filler for the most divers subgrades are part of the portfolio.

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Primer - Filler

novax Primer - Filler

The novax portfolio for the category primer and filler is complete and VOC conform. Primers (epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, polyester) suitable for nearly all substrates.

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Base- /Top Coats

novax Base- / Top Coats

The novax portfolio provides „ready-to-use“ Base- and Top Coats Basis. The majority of the products is VOC conform and shows big advantages while processing.

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novax Clearcoats

The novax clearcoat portfolio provides exclusively high performance clearcoats of the newest generation.

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novax Hardeners

System products for simple and clear work processes by using multifunctional hardener types.

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novax Thinners

System products for simple and clear work processes by using multifunctional thinner types.

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novax Additives

The novax portfolio provides a wide range of „ad-on“ products as e.g. elastic additive, anti-scratch additive and many more.

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novax mixing system

novax Novax mixing system

Colour matching is one of the most difficult tasks of a professional painter. Novax helps you to solve this task quickly and easily.

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Premium coating solutions

The technologically unique novax Blueline accelerates work processes from the very first day.

At first you mix the colour, then you add Blueline Viscosity Additive, afterwards you coat with 1 – 1,5 spraying courses and you see the perfect result.

The easy application of novax Blueline is enabled by its product properties, which exclude application errors in advance.

The ideal colour shade isn’t influenced by the choice of the spraying pistol or the coating work style of the painter.


There are plenty of tools available – up to a daily updated colour-shade archive in the novamix system.

  • With the help of novamix, the novax online portal, ten thousands of colour shades can be put out as ready Blueline formular proposals.
  • The effect navigator offers a useful addition for the determination of the exact effect creation of a novamix colour shade. Metallic-pipings, that have been coated with novax Blueline, show 5 brightness and effect levels with different rough metallic-bronces.


Novax offers – in accordance with the slogan „Premium Refinishing“ a premium service.
Via the online tool all customers have the possibility to communicate directly and without detours. Each novamix user automatically receives an own ID identification in order to make a personal and uncomplicated communication possible. The complex and time-consuming registration on online portals is dropped completely, because novax is going to create the ID for you!

Why Choose Us ?

  • Repeatable results and fast processing.
  • Compatible base coats, hardeners, thinners and additives for the perfect refinish.
  • Brilliant colour accuracy with perfect surfaces – regardless of the „handwriting” of the processor.
  • In any situation, the coating systems remain faithful to their excellent characteristics – without reference to working environment or room atmosphere.
  • Fastest drying and and blending ability, which provides a surface free of starting points even on smallest areas.